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Welcome to Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre of the Southwest.

The word plastic surgery derives from the Greek word "plasticos" and is defined as giving form or fashion to matter. By improving bodily function or correcting displeasing facial and body features we enhance the quality of life of our patients. Among other things, The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre of the Southwest treats:

• Benign and malignant tumors of the head, neck, skin and tissues including reconstruction for cancer of the face, breasts and trunk

• Injuries, accidents or deformities of the hands, facial skeleton and trunk, including scar revision

• Aesthetic surgery-including procedures on the face, breasts, nose, eyes, ears, skin and contour surgery of the trunk, abdomen, face, arms and thighs

• Birth deformities- including congenital tumors, birthmarks, cysts, cleft lip and palate

• Breast reconstruction

• Skin cover and replacement problems-including skin grafts and flaps

• Burns- including electrical, chemical, radiation and correction of resultant scars and deformities



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